Project Human Simulator

Winner of the Fall 2017 Seattle VR Hackathon Novelty Prize
A Virtual Reality game designed around whimsical locomotion.

My Role

User Interface Design
Graphic Assets

Tools Used

Pencil + Paper

The Concept

Our team set out to create a virtual reality game designed for the Occulus platform, with a compelling, but simple experience. The team was comprised of: two Developers, one 3D Artist, and myself.

Developers worked on building out the interaction, while I began to visualize how we stylistically represented the experience: fun, goofy, retro aesthetic borrowed from the 80s. Sketched ideas, and developed a first iteration of the game graphics. 

The Process

Sketching the Visuals
After discussing with the team how we wanted the gameplay experience to be, I sketched out what UI and interaction assets would be needed and how to represent them in a graphic way.

Rapidly Developing UI and Graphic Assets
Using Illustrator and Photoshop, I went about developing assets needed for our game using these tools, then dropping them into game objects in Unity.

In Game

Instructional UI Assets

In Game Graphics

What We Learned

Based on numerous demos of the game, observations of the game relating to the UI included:

  • People wanted to skip the tutorial and start exploring immediately. Revision might be to place the tutorial “cards” around the 3D environment, rather than in front of the user like a barrier.
  • People sometimes had to take a step forward to interact with the UI, but once they did, it was natural and quick to get through.
  • Gameplay reset was fast, so people could make multiple attempts, and often did to master the interactions.
  • Overall, our experience was small and digestible for users to get a grasp of the scenario and interactions. Our game was highly popular and often resulted in lines or waitlists.

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